LISTENING with our HEARTS, Healing with our Hands

Ophthalmology includes the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disease conditions involving the eye and eyelids. Some of the more commonly occurring conditions are glaucoma, cataracts, Dry eye and corneal ulcers. Our diagnostics include tear production measurement, corneal stains, and intraocular pressure measurement. We also perform complete eye exams, which include examining the cornea, iris and pupil, lens and retina. The eyes are considered the windows to the rest of the body. Many conditions that affect the body such as high blood pressure, certain infectious diseases and cancer, can cause changes in different parts of the eye that can be detected during an ophthalmology exam. At Buena Vista Road Animal Hospital, we also perform select surgical procedures including eyelid tumor resection, “cherry eye” replacement, keratotomy, enucleation, to name a few.
For advanced, specialized procedures such as cataract removal, we refer our patients to qualified, board certified ophthalmologists.