LISTENING with our HEARTS, Healing with our Hands

There is probably nothing more frustrating than an itchy pet.  Our pets itch and scratch for a number of different reasons… external parasites such as fleas and ticks, different types of mites that cause a variety of mange, bacterial and fungal diseases of the skin and ears, food and inhalant allergies, just to mention a few.  At Buena Vista Road Animal Hospital, we believe in getting to the crux of the problem, to find the cause and treat it appropriately.  We have the capability of performing a variety of tests in clinic, to help get accurate answers more quickly and efficiently. They include ear and skin cytology, skin scraping examinations, fungal (specifically “Ringworm”) culture.
For the more involved allergy testing, skin biopsies and cultures, we collaborate with reputable reference laboratories to get reliable results.  Our team members will set up an appointment for you so that we can help both, you and your pet.
Brown Cat
Black Cat