Diagnostic Imaging


Diagnostic imaging allows for non-invasive investigation of disease. Buena Vista Road Animal Hospital offers both digital radiography and ultrasound.


Radiographs or X-rays are images produced of a pet’s bones and internal organs by the use of very low levels of radiation. These images are a non-invasive evaluation of your pet for possible broken bones, soft tissue trauma, or changes to any internal organs’ size, shape, or position within the body. Radiographs are also very helpful in determining whether your pet has ingested certain foreign material that may be creating a blockage within the digestive tract. Digital radiographs are the norm in veterinary practice. This produces images of superior clarity, contrast and detail, facilitating potential diagnosis and expediting answers about your pets’ health. Digital radiographs are stored electronically, giving us the ability to easily share your pet’s images with you and any other veterinarian or specialist that may be involved in your pet’s health care.


Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive diagnostic procedure that allows us to visualize the details of the internal organs of your pet. Results are received in real time from sound waves, and these high definition images allow us to evaluate how organs function in real time. Ultrasound can be used to diagnose a broad range of disease conditions and states and are often an essential adjunct to radiology and can form an integral part of the diagnostic process.


An Echocardiogram is the imaging modality of the heart using ultrasound waves. It is used to measure the size of the heart chambers, the thickness of the walls, status of the different valves, blood flow through the major vessels and the blood pressure within the lungs, also known as Pulmonary Hypertension. This service is offered at Buena Vista Road Animal Hospital through a visiting veterinary ultrasonographist.