Preventive Care


Veterinary medicine today is focused on prevention. Preventive medicine is a recognized specialty in veterinary and human medicine. It so much more than just vaccinations. Its focus is to protect from and prevent disease and disability, and to promote and maintain good health and well-being so that you can enjoy a quality, lasting relationship with your pet. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that our pets get regular examinations and re-evaluations in a timely manner..

Annual examinations and consultation are legally required in order to form and maintain a valid client-patient-doctor relationship. Biannual examination with a stool exam (fecal exam) is the current optimum standard of preventive health care which is practiced at Buena Vista Road Animal Hospital.

If signs of diseases and conditions are detected early, it increases the chances of a successful outcome and management. We have a comprehensive battery of point of care tests which help facilitate quicker diagnoses. Recommendations will vary with the life stage of your pet. Please call or visit Buena Vista Road Animal Hospital and speak with one of our team members about our recommendations for your pet. We will be happy to answer any query that you might have.

brown white cat
brown white cat with doctor