Dental Care


Approximately 70% of cats above the age of four years and 80% of dogs above the age of three years have some degree of oral / periodontal disease. Red gums, bad breath and discoloration of teeth are all signs of periodontal disease.

Preventive home dental care is multi-faceted in its approach and is designed to address the needs of the individual patient. Recommended practices suggested by Buena Vista Road Animal Hospital includes teeth brushing with an enzyme based, edible toothpaste specially formulated for dogs and cats, along with an enzyme based water additive that is easily accepted by both species. In addition, we recommend providing your pets with special treats that contain ingredients, which are formulated to slow down the occurrence of plaque buildup. Dental treats and Home Dental Care (HDC) products should have the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) seal.

However at certain designated time intervals, all dogs and cats will require a dental, or Comprehensive Oral Prophylaxis, Assessment and Treatment (COPAT) during their life stages. Generally, smaller breeds of dogs tend to develop periodontal disease much quicker than larger breeds. Most of the infection and tartar accumulation involved in the development of periodontal disease starts below the gum line, which is not visible, and extends over the tooth enamel causing visible discoloration.

In the event this condition has developed, COPAT is performed under anesthesia.

Prior to COPAT, a battery of pre-anesthetic lab tests is performed to ensure that the patient is able to undergo the procedure. COPAT involves detailed examination of the teeth, gums and mouth, dental radiographs and cleaning the teeth utilizing a combination of ultrasonic and manual scaling. Scaling of the visible teeth is followed by scaling that part of the tooth present beneath the gum margin and polishing with a Fluoride based toothpaste. Extraction of teeth may be necessary depending on the degree of infection, mobility, recession of the gums and other radiographic indicators. Our staff at Buena Vista Road Animal Hospital will strive to assist you with the best care for your pet’s oral health.

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